Recording “Shit With Sugar On It”

An old one… still need to think of a second verse though…

Listen to it

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  • Me
    08/23/2011 - 14:01 | Permalink

    Came up with this in 5 mins watching Newsnight about Libya… could apply to any other Middle Eastern country as the West would want us to believe the geography of it anyhow’s:

    If everyone in NATO and the UN had long hair
    Then I might believe a word
    They say it’s to get dictators out
    As it comes from their capitalists’ mouth

    The hawk flew at dawn
    Left it’s destruction as the people mourned
    Leaving puppets on a string
    Made from oil and what that brings

    We should sleep tight at night
    Because we could be next in the target sight
    Will it help them out of the well?
    That oil has a black story to tell

    Will anything make them see?
    Not until the deposit is empty
    Like a ravaged land full of locusts
    Well, you don’t speak for us

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