The Human Species Needs a Mum

As a species, the human race is like a teenager. In terms of the history of evolution, we’ve just appeared. Squashed into 24 hours of the history of the earth, life appeared after 12 hours, and humans appeared at 1 second to midnight. So we haven’t evolved to cope with the complexities of a large complex society. We’ve often told ourselves we are the masters of this planet but haven’t been mature enough to think – hey that means we have to be responible.

We are like the teenager that has just discovered sex, drugs and alcohol and is having a fucking good party. Only at our party we have mass production, chemical and nuclear weapons. Responsible? We don’t have a mum, but if we did surely she’d say “Did I hear see you out last night with cruise missles after bedtime? You little shit! Were you threatening Iran again – I’ll fucking slap you – come here!” She would then go through our room and confiscate all those nuclear weapons and the world be a little bit safer for a while.

We may be teenagers, but we don’t have a mum. We don’t even have a role model, which teenagers usually do have, and means there is usually something to aim for when they decide that a ounce of weed every week isn’t a great idea. We don’t have anything to aim for as an ideal.

As far as we know, we are alone in creating complex societies and must work out for ourselves the best way. Its easy to say capitalism is the only way, when there aren’t any other species out there that have built a soceity that we can copy from (and because we crush alternatives to capitalism with sanctions and international isolation).

The other thing is, we are living it up to the max today. Never before have we had so many things in the West. We are junkies addicted to gadgets, fashion, TV, cars, a constant demand for energy and lifestyle the Earth cannot sustian. And this is potentially going to throw us into a spiral of disaster and extreme weather.

And we aren’t even enjoying the fucking ride.

Massive numbers of our rich countries are on prozac, feel depressed and isolated, stressed from overwork, or unmotivated.

Please, if you are going to destroy the Earth in a frenzy of consumerism, at least enjoy the ride for fucks sake. 

Or maybe this should be a lesson, that actually material crap and money doesn’t actually make us happy. If only we had some authority to tell us that, like a mum.



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