Salvi’s Deli and Trouble in the House

After getting in trouble for leaving the house a mess, it was good to get our and get to Manchester and meet my mum. I’d wanted to eat in Salvi’s Deli for a while. I’d had coffee there a few times, and really liked the authentic Italian feel there. It’s tiny, which has a great charm. It feels like many Mediterranian places that are squeezed together in small backstreets. However, today that tiny feel caused a slight problem, because the sensor on the door kept opening when passers-by, erm, passed by, and it was 2 degrees outside. We had to wear coats most of the meal! It was a lovely meal though, there were no vegetarian pastas on the menu so the chef made one up with mixed veg, and it was fantastic, very simple but the quality ingredients made it taste very authentic. Just sort the door out and I’ll come back! I imagine it would be an excellent place to go in the evening for a glass of wine, so I might be back (when I have some money…)

After that I went to get some flowers for Tess. I didn’t expect them to come back today, but I was drunk when I read the Facebook message. So when I woke up this morning, I was surprised to see they were in the house, staring at the mess in the kitchen. I spent about two hours cleaning the flour from the experiment with baking in the kitchen (a successful experiment in sourdough making, but at a cost!) and the mud from the bathroom after planting trees in Todmorden… and the floor, the fridge, the table…

On the way home I wondered randomly about hi vis vests. I had one but it looked totally stupid over my duffel coat. Why can’t they be made attractive? Why always a vest shape, does anyone think the vest shape looks good? A lot of weird things have become fashionable, and if someone had the imagination to make something interesting out of the humble high vis, it could take off… and imagine what that would do for cycling. High vis duffel coats anyone?

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