Information Anxiety

“Information Anxiety is produced by the gap between what we know and what we think we ought to know.”

In environmental campaign circles, that gap can be terrifying. As coordinator of MFoE there was a huge amount I felt I should know about renewable energy, fracking, transport policy, to name a few… as well as the constant battle to read group emails that constantly clogged up my email box. There’s so much to know, so many videos, articles, and news reports to read, and with a full time job, how does that balance. Nobody ever seems to tell you what you need to know these days, you are left to sift through everything on the internet until you eventually work it out, or give up, frustrated and engraged.

How is it possible to keep on top of body of information that is expanding exponentially?

The answer is you can’t, and you just have to focus, filter the data that is demanding your attention and only look at what you need to.

“One New York Times newspaper on a weekday contains more information than someone in the 17th century would come across in their lifetime.”

Quotes from Richard Saul Wurman’s Information Anxiety 2.

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