Customising Facebook Pages

The last time I tried working out custom pages in Facebook, it was a pain. But I thought things had improved since then – I was surprised when it was difficult to customise the Manchester FoE Facebook page.

We’ve decided to move from a group to a page for a number of reasons outlined in a previous post. It’s nice to at last have decided that. I’ve got WordPress pushing updates to it thanks to Status Updater which seemed the best plugin to do it.

But Facebook page apps claimed to have a way to integrate Flickr and Facebook pages – and it doesn’t work. There isn’t any options to set your Flickr account. I can only imagine they’ve broken their own code through updates. I thought Facebook had made pages a bit more stable in order to attract businesses to invest but it hasn’t really happened (the Twitter App doesn’t work either). Part of my argument was being able to use these apps so that’s fairly annoying. But still worth moving to a page I think. I hope some of the other apps like PDF attachments work or that will be more annoying.

There’s an app called TabFusion that does do it, but charges $20. I decided in the interests of research it was worth paying. It creates a new tab on the page which shows all the Flickr photos, but doesn’t do status updates on pages when you upload photos. Facebook still has a long long way to go.

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