Standardistas Workshop: Making Stuff and Having Fun With Paper

I’ve just come back from the New Adventures in Web Design conference, full with new thoughtful ideas and a sense that I’m part of a community…

The session from the Standaristas was most useful. To really get creative, we need to get away from computers. Mind mapping is a great way to start with ideas, but use PICTURES as they are easier for your brain to make connections from!

We had some amazing ideas for a space race site… Russian commie cows jumping over the moon and a space race using cardboard and sellotape, Blue Peter style…

doodling a mind map


Whether I’m at MMU or with an activist group, I want to have new ideas and create things to solve challenges, and this technique will help us achieve that.

The end idea was “SpaceBook” – a top trumps style card collecting/swapping game of the unsung heroes involved in the space race, what they built and achieved. A random ‘Mental Notes‘ card on limited time gave us an idea that certain cards would be available on specific anniversary dates, motivating users to come back on certain days. More pics: Mood board, iPhone Wireframes, desktop wireframes

I was also priviledged to get to know the fantastic Calliope over veggie lunch!

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